a Doula is NOT just for Natural Birth

Is having a doula right for you?

Some women think that having a doula is only for natural childbirth, NOT TRUE.  No matter your birth plan, your doula will add her knowledge, expertise & experience to ensure your best birth.


Are you planning on an epidural?

Doula help every step of the way no matter when you decide to get your epidural.  Afterward, your doula will help you with approved positions to help the baby down when moving around is no longer availble.  You still have options.  You do not have to be laying on your back the whole time unless that is what you choose.


Are you planning a c-section?

Your doula can help you to feel safe & comfortable as possible during the surgery.  She will stay with you as you recover or go with the baby so that your birth companion can be with you.  This way both mom & baby are accompanied & looked after.