"Jessica enhanced my birth experience SO MUCH! I had never used a doula before so I wasn't sure what to expect. My husband and I both agree that she was instrumental in helping us to relax, focus and enjoy the moment. Her intuition was spot on and she was able to support me and my husband in exactly the right ways at any given moment. I would love to have her help again should I have any more children! " - Anselm's Mom, Leslee


"I chose Jessica to be my doula because of her natural warmth but, what I got on my birthing day was so much more than just warmth.  Jessica is plugged into women's wisdom transcendent to simple learned facts about the birthing process.  She stayed with me the entire time.  Her words gave me strength and courage.  She anticipated when I was too tired to know what to do and always had a perfect suggestion.  Her presence was that of dear family and friend.  I honestly don't think I could have had my drug-free birth without her!" - Mark's Mom, Carrie


"Before we brought Ashley and Jessica into our birth experience, we had a lot of anxiety and unanswered questions.  As our relationship with them evolved our anxiety quickly eased and any and every question we had was answered.  While having a supportive, caring and knowledgeable doula during labor and delivery was extremely significant to our birth experience, the pre-natal and post-partum support that both Ashely and Jessica provided was also priceless.  Any time I had a question Ashley and Jessica were just a phone call or text away and responded very timely.  During the in person meetings they were very present and really took the time to get to know us and understand our concerns and desires for the birth.  Without the help of Ashely & Jessica, I truly believe we would not have been as prepared and that the birth likely would have been chaotic and confusing.  In the weeks leading up to my daughter’s birth I had severe back pain, and Jessica’s wisdom helped me quickly address the pain so I didn’t have to spend my last weeks of pregnancy bed-ridden.  Because of the advice and counseling I received from Ashley prior to the birth, I was able to calmly and effectively handle a nurse that was threatening to derail my birth experience.  Also, because we had a doula we could easily trust and rely on, during the labor my husband able to take a few badly needed breaks to nourish himself and rest, without feeling guilty for not attending to me.  Ashely and Jessica helped me create a relaxing and welcoming environment in what otherwise would be a very sterile hospital room.  Even every doctor and nurse that walked in said they felt like they were walking into a spa experience!  Because of the environment and their massage techniques, I was able to labor so much stronger and longer than I ever thought possible.  Because of Ashely’s knowledge and direction during the delivery, my husband was able to be very involved without feeling awkward or incompetent.  She even took the most amazing pictures of our fist moments with our daughter, which I will treasure forever.  Immediately post-Partum I experienced feelings and a hormonal and physical imbalance I had never experienced before.  I am so grateful I did not have to worry about a doula that disappeared after the birth!  Having someone to talk with when I felt like no one else understood how I felt was invaluable, and I really wanted to stay away from synthetic medication to help me recover but didn’t know what to take.  I felt immediate relief after starting the placenta pills.  I had even visited 2 chiropractors post-partum, and both strongly recommended the placenta pills over anything else.  Ashely and Jessica will forever be a part of our extended family and I look forward to having them as part of every one of my children’s’ births.  It is very evident that they both truly love what they do, consider it a privilege and were meant to be doula partners.  I will recommend them to every expectant friend I have that wants and informed and supported birth experience."   - Mara's Mom, Anastasia


"My first experiences with Jessica were in class, deep stretch yoga. Her smiles, levity and instruction style make for a wonderful atmosphere on a Sunday morning.  I had been curious about doulas since my labor class at St. Lukes, and I was really hoping to labor naturally. I was hesitant that a doula might interfere with my husband's involvement and our connection during labor. When I found out that Jessica was a doula, my fears were assuaged. That wasn't the case at all! She's so sweet, and my husband felt supported instead of usurped. She made suggestions for my 5 minute nightly yoga practice to keep my body in shape for one of its greatest challenges. She gave us prep and relaxation tips, and I think every bit of it came in handy.  We also took Jessica's Yoga for Labor class. That was the best! Familiarizing myself and my husband with labor positions helped me not be so embarrassed by the vulnerability, silly but true. Most importantly, though, was learning the counter pressure techniques. THAT is where it's at! I was blessed to have a labor that lasted only 7 hours, but I don't think I'd even have lasted that long without the counter pressure. Phew! Jessica and my husband traded off for a couple hours applying pressure almost constantly. (Fast labor meant fast contractions too.) When Jessica was helping in that way, my husband was free to get me ice chips or hug and encourage me. When my husband was applying pressure, Jessica made sure he was fed and hydrated or took photos to help remember what I consider a big accomplishment. Their support was crucial to my success and they worked seamlessly together to meet every need I had, often before I knew I needed it.  My labor experience was perfect. I don't mean to brag, but it was everything I wanted it to be. Part of that is probably luck — you never know what nature will throw at you — but part of that was Jessica.  At the last minute, after my daughter was born, I decided to go ahead and encapsulate the placenta. Jessica helped us arrange that. It was a strange concept to me at first, but I'm glad I decided to have my "happy pills" made. I can definitively say that it helped my milk supply. I could actually feel a difference after I took one. I've never been post partum before so I can't say for sure that it's gone well because of the pills, but it has gone well —mentally, physically, emotionally — and I'm glad I made every effort." - Genevieve's Mom, Kate